Coaching and Mentoring Skills – Empowering Leaders and Facilitators

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Coaching and Mentoring Skills – Empowering Leaders and Facilitators

About The Course

This course is meticulously designed to transform your approach to leadership through effective coaching and mentoring. Learn to unlock the potential in others, create meaningful development plans, and lead with empathy and insight.

Why this course?

In a rapidly changing professional landscape, the ability to coach and mentor effectively sets leaders apart. This course will equip you with the skills to foster growth, encourage resilience, and build strong, capable teams.

My Approach

Our approach is experiential and collaborative, ensuring you can apply what you learn in real-world situations. Through interactive sessions, you’ll practice coaching models and mentoring strategies that lead to tangible improvements in performance and personal development.

What Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Rapidly enhance your capacity to nurture talent and leadership with our advanced coaching techniques. Confidently guide and mentor individuals to surpass their performance goals. Creatively foster a learning environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Energetically cultivate a coaching culture that values continuous improvement and actionable feedback.

  • Discern the nuanced differences between coaching and mentoring for targeted development strategies.
  • Adopt the GROW model for structured coaching dialogues to facilitate clear goal setting and outcome mapping.
  • Utilize effective communication techniques that drive insightful self-assessment and reflection.

  • Implement action plans aligned with SMART objectives for focused and strategic growth.
  • Employ powerful questioning to unearth deep insights and inspire solution-oriented thinking.
  • Apply active listening and paraphrasing to build trust and open channels of transparent communication.

The Course Curriculam

Module 1: Coaching vs. Mentoring
Understand the distinct roles and applications of coaching versus mentoring, and when to use each approach effectively.

Module 2: Boss vs. Coach
Learn the key differences between traditional management and coaching, and how to transition into a coaching mindset.

Module 3: Coaching Program Flowchart
Follow a detailed flowchart to guide the coaching process from initiation to completion, ensuring a structured approach.

Module 4: Succession Planning
Strategize the development of talent within your organization to ensure a pipeline for future leadership roles.

Module 5: Action Plan
Create actionable and measurable plans that align with your team's goals and objectives, utilizing a systematic approach.

Module 6: Listening Model: 4Rs
Develop your listening skills based on the 4Rs model to enhance understanding and empathy in your coaching relationships.

Module 7: The 3MPH Model
Adopt the 3MPH model for a comprehensive approach to coaching, addressing macro, micro, and psychological aspects.

Module 8: The GROW Model
Apply the GROW model to establish goals, examine reality, explore options, and determine what actions to take.